Threading 101- A First Timer’s Guide To The Perfect Brow

Aug 2, 2020Threading

What is Threading?

How is it possible for one strand of thread, attached to a professional’s, to entirely re-shape and transform one’s eyebrows?
Originated in Central Asia and India, and populated in the Middle East; threading is an ancient hair removal technique for unwanted hair. It is commonly used to shape and enhance the eyebrows, however, it’s benefits can also be reaped on other facial features, such as your upper lip and forehead. Threading is 100% natural, eliminating the use of unwanted chemicals on your skin. Through its accurate and precise finish, it has become one of the trendiest methods of hair removal!

Why Threading?

● In this process, thread simply wraps around each hair and unplugs them straight from the root. When doing so, maintenance is far simpler for you, as results are much more long-lasting.
● Threading applies very gentle pressure to one’s skin. Not only does this lead to a more painless process, but it is also best suited for delicate parts of one’s face (especially near their eyes!).
● For those of you who are prone to acne or have sensitive skin, threading is the best option for you! When done correctly, it minimises in-grown hairs, as well as post hair-removal breakouts.

What Does a Jade Threading Session Look Like?


● Drink lots of water as hydration is the key to making your skin less sensitive.
● To avoid ingrown hair, exfoliate your skin 24 hours prior to your threading appointment.
● Remove your makeup on the area being threaded using a gentle makeup remover and thoroughly cleanse your face (we can provide this service at Jade Thread and Wax Bar).
● Notify your aesthetician of all/any skin conditions or sensitivities that they should be aware of, along with a list of skincare products that you are currently using.


● Professionals will use the method described above to get rid of the unwanted facial hair.
● If you are threading your eyebrows, upon your request, our professionals can also fill in your eyebrows using Eye Envy’s BrowEnvy Definition Pencil for a more precise look.

Some After Care Tips:

● Do not be alarmed – some redness is inevitable, however, we place Aloe Vera Gel on our client’s threaded area for a soothing effect. This also helps with post threading irritation.
● As the facial hair is removed from the follicle, the pores on your face are open for at least 2-3 hours. It is best to avoid touching the treated area within that time frame, along with applying any makeup or perfumed products.
● Avoid hot showers and direct contact with the sunlight when possible.
● Keep up with the maintenance by booking follow up appointments in the future.

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