How to Maintain Your Eyebrows Between Appointments?

Dec 17, 2021Threading

They say your eyes are the window to your soul, and we say, we disagree! We believe that your eyebrows hold true power. They frame your face, add symmetry, and because of this, grooming them is SO crucial.

At both our Jade Thread & Wax Bar locations in Toronto (Bayview and Danforth), we ensure our clients are satisfied with their services, their experiences, and of course – their eyebrows! While this varies based on your brow goals, we always recommend keeping a 3-week interval between your thread or wax appointments. And so, for those 21 days where we long to see you again, we have curated our top 4 tips on how to maintain your eyebrows.

  1. Resist the Urge: We know it can be tempting to pluck those stubborn hairs between appointments, but this is the number one reason why many of us have trouble with achieving desired hair growth. Instead, we recommend using a concealer that matches your skin tone, and temporarily hiding away the unwanted hair!
  2. From Thin to Full Eyebrows: A creamy brow pencil, such as EyEnvy’s BrowEnvy Eyebrow Pencil (sold at Jade Thread and Wax Bar), can help you with transforming your brows by taming unruly hairs and filling in sparse To do this best, you can opt to create a defined arch, by aligning the pencil with the outer portion of your nose, and then pointing it to the highest part of the brow. Using short, soft strokes to fill the area, ensure to focus on the tail of your brows, going gentler with the applied pressure as you reach the inner corner of your eyebrows. And voila!
  3. From Shapeless to Soap Eyebrows: If you don’t already know, you heard it Soap brows have emerged as the IT eyebrow trend this past year (and also the easiest way to hide outgrown brows), and we have all the tips necessary for how you can achieve the fluffiest brows. Using an angled brush, or a spoolie, with a pigmented wax, make tiny strokes across the entire brow – facing upward. Then, take the brush of your choice and glide it across those hairs that you brushed forward for the ultimate soap brow look.
  4. For Long Term Results: From what we’ve heard from our clients, we know many of your goals centralize growing out your brow hair to achieve thicker and fuller eyebrows. According to eyebrow experts at Jade Thread & Wax Bar, Toronto, EyEnvy’s Conditioner (also sold at Jade Thread and Wax Bar) is the secret to brow (and lash!) hair growth. Use it twice a day for maximum growth, and thank us later!

And there you have it, a tip for each of you, regardless of your current brow situation and future brow aspirations. Don’t forget to see the eyebrow experts here at Jade Thread and Wax Bar when it’s time for your next appointment! We can’t wait to see you!


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