Precise, quick and efficient; threading is globally recognized as the most superior form of hair removal. This ancient technique was originated in the Middle East and is conducted by simply using thread and the slightest bit of tension from the hand, while using a twisted motion to grasp the hair in a mini lasso. Threading removes all hairs straight from the follicle (including those tiny, stubborn hairs!), leaving you with sharp, clean, defined and naturally shaped brows



Full Face (Including Eyebrow)
Brow Shaping
Uni Brow
Upper Lip
Chin with Jawline
Side Burns

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Waxing in Toronto

Hello, all the beautiful ladies out there!!
Are you looking for a pain and hassle-free eyebrow threading in Toronto??
Jade’s wax and threading Bar offers you the best threading experience in Toronto. We have professional threading specialists that makes your threading experience a pleasant one. We at Jade’s use unique eyebrow threading techniques that ensure you get the best eyebrow shape with least pain.
Your brows introduce you before you speak!!


Hear from our clients who always prefer us over any other Spa for Threading in Toronto

I would highly recommend this spot in Toronto. Jyoti does an amazing job with threading my eyebrows and body waxing. In terms of threading, she is very accurate and takes her time giving you the best shape. She spends time on you and makes sure you’re satisfied with the end result. Also, when she does body waxing, she makes sure all the hairs are removed with minimal pain. She is very experienced and has now gained another happy client.

James Theo

Jyoti is amazing! I was looking for somebody to do my eyebrows and Brazilian as I was new to the area — Jyoti helped me and I’ve been going to her for months now! She’s very professional and very educated on threading, waxing, and facial/skin care. She is not rough at all, and in fact has very gentle hands — as this was always a concern for me when finding a new esthetician! They have some great skin products too that I would strongly recommend — Jyoti, again, is full of knowledge and can recommend you exactly what you need! I strongly recommend her and her salon — very clean and cute — The other staff are very welcoming and professional as well! I always look forward to coming to my appointments here. Thanks Jyoti!!

Hannah Belete

This is my go-to spot for threading and waxing! The ladies here are super professional and friendly and I always have an amazing experience. Great value; my brows have never looked better!

Taylor Van Binsbergen

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