Brazilian Wax – Commonly Asked Questions

Aug 2, 2020Waxing

What is a Brazilian Wax?

Brazilian waxing is the most popular beauty trend and hair removal technique around North America and most of the west. It is generally acknowledged as a step beyond a bikini wax. Brazilian waxing thereby removes all the hair from your bikini area (top, sides, and front), and those hard-to-reach areas in the back.

How do I Prepare for a Brazilian Wax? 

● Grow your hair! The ideal hair length should be at least a quarter inch. On average, that usually occurs after three to four weeks away from the razor.

● Moisturise and exfoliate beforehand! To get the smoothest and long-lasting results, the skin and hair should be healthy and moisture-rich.

● If you have a low pain threshold to waxing, you can take a painkiller 30 minutes prior to your appointment.

● This may sound challenging for our fellow Starbucks Rewards members, but try to avoid caffeine a few hours prior to your wax as caffeine can trigger even more nerves and increase your heart rate.

Which Type of Wax Should I Go For? Hard Wax or Soft Wax? Hard wax is more commonly recognized as less painful than soft wax. Soft wax is done with cloth, while hard wax is removed with strips. These strips harden on the skin and then they are removed. However, at Jade Thread and Wax Bar, we use a 100% Botanical counterpart of traditional wax, known as Nufree Wax. Nufree is not an actual wax and it does not stick on to your skin, making the whole process less time consuming and painless. Nufree is the gold standard in hair removal and is carried by thousands of professional salons throughout the world. How Much Time Does it Take to Get a Brazilian Wax? At Jade Thread and Wax Bar, on average, we aim to complete a Brazilian waxing session within 15 to 20 minutes. However, the time varies from client to client. For instance, it may possibly take longer if it is your first ever Brazilian wax. Gradually, as you get more comfortable with the process and the salon professionals, it may even be a quicker experience! Is the Process Painful? This is the main concern for many clients. Waxing can be a painful experience to some, however, when treated by experienced aestheticians and the right techniques, you will experience relatively lower amounts of pain. While every individual reacts differently, pain during waxing generally depends on your mindset and general tolerance for discomfort. Jade Thread and Wax Bar uses Nufree Wax, which does not stick to the skin. As a result, clients often comment on less painful waxing experiences. Moreover, our aestheticians are experts with a gentle hand and a lot of experience, which helps ease the overall discomfort of a Brazilian wax!  What are Some Aftercare Tips?

● Avoid exercise directly afterwards.

● Don’t apply self-tanner the day of your wax.

● Stop tweezing ingrown hairs.

● Get on a regular waxing schedule. 

● Don’t wear tight or restrictive clothing.

● Avoid swimming or even treating yourself with a bubble bath post wax.

What is Proper Brazilian Wax Etiquette to Make Your Experience Worthy of a Repeat?

● Keep it clean! Pack towelettes for a quick cleanup. Not only will you appreciate this, but so will your waxer.

● Wear a tampon if you have your period. Most aestheticians don’t mind waxing at that time of the month (always confirm with them prior to booking your appointment) and can work around the string. However, you may experience more pain when getting a Brazilian wax on your period, as your skin is far more sensitive.

● Do a skin check – A wax can be performed only on healthy skin. If you have a condition like psoriasis or an STD that causes sores, postpone your appointment until these issues have cleared.

Does Brazilian Wax Increase the Density and Growth Rate of Hair? No, a Brazilian wax will not increase the growth of hair, in fact, once you schedule your waxing appointments regularly (recommended: every three to four weeks), you will start noticing that your hair has become sparse. What are Some Benefits of a Brazilian Wax? ● It exfoliates your skin. Brazilian waxing helps you get rid of all dead skin cells leaving your skin super soft and smooth.

● You will notice that you’re hair-free for longer. You can be hair free for 3-4 weeks with a Brazilian wax.

● Regular shaving increases hair thickness and waxing removes it from the root. A Brazilian wax ensures you that the hair growth will be  thinner and sparser over time.


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