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Sep 10, 2021Waxing




Hello there, lovely ladies! Before we move ahead, we at Jade Thread & Wax Bar, Toronto, are incredibly grateful for your overwhelming response to the reopening of the spa. We are so happy to finally see and reconnect all our clients!

However, when chatting with you, we learnt that as anticipated, a lot of you had a hard time taming the hair in places you wish were super smooth! Yes, you got that right; we are talking about bikini hair.

Being at home, with no access to spas, a lot of you had to resort to shaving or using hair removal creams, which led to cuts, bumps, ingrowths and bruises covering all the places that went under the razor; the worst hit being the Bikini area.

Now that our doors are finally open, we figured it was time to recap Brazilian Waxing etiquette and all of its long-term benefits.

Bikini Waxing, in simple words, is removing the pubic hair. Simple, isn’t it? But lucky for you, we have plenty of options on how to go about this! A simple Bikini Wax gives a nice clean trim you can leave behind a square, triangle or strip. In contrast, Brazilian Waxing ensures the complete removal of hair down there.

Pre-Wax Tips

  • Right hair length:
    • Make sure your hair growth is not more than 1/4 inch. This will ensure that the hair is extracted from the root, while alleviating maximum pain.
  • Plan your appointment:
    • If you are getting waxed for a special occasion, such as a vacation, book your appointment at least two days before the day.
    • Also, make sure you do not book an appointment during your menstrual cycle.
  • Exfoliate:
    • For optimal results, exfoliate two days before the appointment. This will help remove the ingrowths and will be easy to pull the hairs – and we can’t stress this enough!
  • Talk!
    • Speak to your Waxing Specialist before, during and even after the session. At Jade, we encourage transparent communication, as our priority is your comfort.
  • Wear loose clothes
    • Immediately after the session, avoid wearing tight-fitting clothes,like jeans.
  • Minimize movement
    • Avoid your next gym session for the next 24 hours!

Now that we have understood the Do’s and Don’ts. Let’s talk about the benefits of Brazilian Waxing!

  1. Along with a smooth bikini line, deep exfoliation is one significant benefit of Brazilian Waxing.
  2. When done right, Brazilian Waxing is the least irritating technique of hair removal. That’s right, say goodbye to that post-shave itch!
  3. It pulls out hair from the roots. Hence, the new growth is smoother and thinner.

We have come across the three most common questions asked by a number of our clients. Let’s try to understand those as well:

  1. Is it painful?
  • This entirely depends on your pain tolerance. Lucky for you, we use Nufree at Jade Thread and Wax Bar, which is not only a client-favourite, but also technically not even a wax. Nufree is a medical grade, soy-based hair removal that never sticks to your skin; reducing pain, redness, swelling, and many other traditional waxing side-effects.
  • Likewise, the more regular you are with your bikini waxing, the thinner your hair gets, and the less it hurts!
  1. When can I not get waxed?
  • During your Periods, avoid waxing as the pubic bone is much more sensitive, and hence it makes you more prone to cramps. If you are pregnant, consult your doctor first, as you can be much more sensitive.
  1. Can everyone wax down there?
  • Ideally, yes. But if you are taking any medication or antibiotics, please be sure to consult your doctor before booking an appointment. Some medicines weaken the skin barriers, causing a higher likelihood of increased pain during your appointment, or side effects afterwards.

We’re sure by now, you’re convinced on why you should book your next Brazilian Wax with Jade Thread and Wax Bar. follow this link or call us at 647-351-5233 to visit our Bayview location, or 647-748-5233 to book an appointment at our Danforth location.

See you soon!


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