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Sep 5, 2020Lifestyle

Whether you are in search for your go-to spot for eyebrow threading, waxing, manicures or pedicures in Toronto, we are here to let you know that Jade Thread and Wax Bar (Bayview and Danforth locations) is the place for you!

We understand your increased hesitations due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Let’s fill you in on how we have adjusted to the new normal here at Jade Thread and Wax Bar:


Daily, we check the temperatures of each and everyone of our staff members. Before a client enters, we check to see if they are wearing a mask. We only allow those who are wearing face masks (correctly!) to enter our premises. We then provide them with sanitizer to disinfect their hands, followed by checking their temperatures. Upon this, we request them to fill out a mandatory screening that seeks answers from basic questions such as their contact information, to more relevant questions such as “do you have any cold or flu-like symptoms?”. Finally, we disinfect all surfaces and tools, as well as our own hands, before beginning our client’s services.


Our staff is constantly wearing a mask, and this is also the case while performing services. Unless it is an upper lip or facial service, we have also enforced a mandatory rule that our clientele keeps their facial masks on during their services to ensure maximum safety for our customers, as well as ourselves. Nails services, whether they be manicures or pedicures, are always conducted with our employees covering their hands with gloves.


After services are completed, we sanitize all surfaces once again, including those that were used, as well as the paypads that will be used for customer payments. We then wash our hands following the Ontario Ministry of Health’s protocols and begin prepping the spa to repeat this procedure for the next client.

Loyal client, Kate Edwards, shared her recent positive experience on Google Reviews stating the following:

“I absolutely love Jade Thread and Wax Bar. I have been loyal for over a year now and I refuse to see anyone else. I even waited until after wax bars opened for a while and I was very impressed with their level of hygiene safety and care. My temperature was raen as soon as I entered, I filled out contact tracing information and the esthetician was wearing a mask. I’m even going to go back for a facial soon and knowing how clean the place is kept, I’m more than comfortable doing so. Always a great experience”

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  1. Carole Kapelus

    Jade Thread and Wax Bar is an outstanding place for spa treatments. I have been a client since it opened and I have always been impressed with the skill of the staff and with the level of hygiene. I am currently impressed with how they are ensuring that customers will be safe receiving treatments during this pandemic. I highly recommend this business.


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