Laser vs. Waxing: Which One You Should Opt for?

Feb 20, 2021Waxing

We’re sure we are speaking on everyone’s behalf when we say that smooth, silky and hairless skin is an ultimate goal. Thus, we resort to multiple forms of hair removal; like shaving, waxing, laser hair treatments and more – each varying in length, efficiency, and pain. These options can be overwhelming, and if not given the most comprehensive knowledge and insights of every hair removal method, it may be challenging for one to choose a suitable method for themselves.

So which is right for you?

Below, we will be comparing the two most popular and effective hair removal methods: Waxing and Laser Hair Removal.

Both are highly worthwhile, however the procedure and results of each differ. Read the entire article for our complete comparison of laser vs. waxing to determine which hair removal method is right for you at Jade Thread & Wax Bar.

P.S. – We offer hair removal treatments for both women and men.

Waxing Method:

The process of waxing is certainly simple. At Jade Thread and Wax Bar, we use Nufree, which is technically not a wax, but works very similarly. This natural, antimicrobial, water-free botanical formulation contains no wax, sugar or honey. Nufree is self-preserving antibacterial/antimicrobial, making it perhaps one of the most hygienic forms of hair removal.

Waxing immediately removes the hair from the roots, providing smooth skin for several weeks, depending on individual hair growth rate.

Taking care of your skin in between waxing sessions with moisturising and exfoliation will definitely help; however, if you’re prone to in-grown hairs, laser hair reduction is the apt solution for you.

Laser Hair Removal

Which brings us to our next hair removal methods, laser hair removal. The frequency of hair growth decreases gradually until the hair follicle is dead. It is completely safe and the sessions are quick and easy, due to the technology used at Jade Thread and Wax Bar. We utilize the Diode 808-810nm Laser. This device is commonly recognised as the “Gold Standard” of Laser Hair Removal, for its diverse and painless approach.

Get started on your journey to year-round, silky-smooth skin with waxing and laser hair removal at Jade Thread & Wax. Both the methods are beneficial in their own ways. While waxing with Nufree may have its own perks, laser hair removal is a permanent solution for many.


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