Hydra Facial Treatment: the Magic of the 3 Step Process

May 18, 2021Facial

At Jade Thread and Wax Bar, Toronto we are thrilled to introduce you to our client-favourite facial – HydraFacial! Yes, people of Toronto we are here to clear all your uncertainties and doubts about this amazing treatment.

Why do we call this a treatment? Well, that’s because it’s a patented skin treatment which is available in various medical spas and dermatologists. It is also commonly referred to as “hydradermabrasion”. Ideally, it is a three-step process which deep cleans, exfoliates, and hydrates skin by infusing skin with intensive hydrating serums.

Let us now understand why is this considered more beneficial than the regular facials.

1. Suits all skin types and age groups: This facial is beneficial for all age groups – whether it be teenagers with acne, or adults with hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, pimples, sun damage – the list could go on. Even though this treatment is safe for all skin types, those with active sunburns, active rashes, alongside pregnant women should consult doctors before confirming appointments with us.

● At Jade, we conduct a skin consultation to best understand your skin type and your skin needs. In this process, we specifically request you to bring any previous reactions you may have had to different serums or ingredients to our attention.

2. Customisable: Yes! This is one customisable treatment where the serums used can be switched according to your area of concern.

3. Quick results: A 30-minute session can improve texture and tone, acne without minimal irritation or redness. The afterglow and visible reduction in pores and fine lines is undeniable, which is why our experts recommend this treatment a few days prior to special events for picture perfect skin!

a. To reduce the possibility of irritation and/or redness, we request that you refrain from showering, using saunas, or applying makeup for 24 hours post-treatment.

4. Consistent results: Usage of technical equipment (the vertex wand) and the soothing serums simultaneously, while cleaning the pores give a consistent result every time.

5. Minimal side-effects: This extraction of blackheads and cleansing of pores is a painless treatment, though there may be subtle pressure that could be felt while using the wand.

Amazing, isn’t it? For your comfort, we would like to outline the exact procedure so that you have a fair idea when you book an appointment with us!

1. The procedure, like any other facial treatment, starts with cleansing – removing dead skins and the excess oil (also called sebum). A peel is also used to exfoliate the skin.

2. Next, the vacuum in the vortex wand is used to extract the dirt from your pores.

3. The final step in this is applying a moisturising serum with antioxidants as per the clients’ skin requirement.

We assure you the best results post this amazing 30 minutes treatment, by addressing skin concerns such as:

● Fine lines/wrinkles

● Elasticity/firmness

● Skin tone/vibrancy

● Skin texture

● Hyperpigmentation

● Oily/congested skin

● Enlarged pores

What are you waiting for? Book an appointment and get the healthy, smooth, and clear skin that you have always wanted! Keep an eye on our website to know when we are ready to pamper you post pandemic!


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