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Best Waxing Spa in Toronto

Waxing is commonly recognised as one of the most popular methods of hair removal. In our waxing spa, we apply heated wax on the desired area and then using a strip to pull off the wax, along with the unwanted hair. In Jade waxing spa, hair is being removed directly from the root, resulting in prolonged hair growth. In other words, new hair growth will most likely not occur for weeks after you have waxed. There various types of waxing spa services which we offer, like; upper body and lower body wax, full arm wax, half arm wax, full leg wax, half leg wax, Brazilian waxing and many more.

Upper Body Waxing

Our waxing spa services offer full arm wax in which we remove each hair from the arms in a brisk and easy manner. Our waxing spa service is intended to smooth and evacuate hair on the whole arm. On the off chance that you self-tan, including the underarm wax, is great, as the self-tanner goes on smooth, without gathering fine hair.

Half / Full Arm Waxing

Expose those arms! Our waxing spa service is intended to smooth and evacuate undesirable hairs. You can decide to have your lower arms wax which expels everything starting from elbow to the wrist. Ideal for evacuating dead skin and improving the presence of skin.

Some other waxing spa services which we offer in upper body wax are,

Underarms Waxing – $12
Chest Waxing – $30
Full Stomach Waxing – $18
Half Stomach Waxing – $12
Shoulders Waxing – $15
Full Back Waxing – $30
Half Back Waxing – $18
Ear Waxing (Sides and in the ear) – $10
Nose Waxing (Nostrils) – $10

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